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MånenMineralmåne2020-04-03 00:00:00
TypExponeringFotograf ©
Mnen60*1/40sStefan R. Nilsson
Sony A7R3Sigma 150-600/5.6-6.3 C
(orkade inte skriva om på svenska) My Sharpest Mineral Moon to Date, 2020-04-03 Showing you this moon for the upcoming Supermoon that will occur tomorrow, Wednesday. This is by far the sharpest moon I have ever "produced" with the equipment I have at hand. This is a 60-image stack of the Waxing Gibbous 75% and the rest of the 20% is a moon shot earlier this year (also 60-image stack). The last 5% of the moon is on the shadow side and not visible in this image. The stars is as usual a true starfield of the Cygnus region shot at 135mm. So this is a composite image and all shots are done by myself. EXIF (Main image): Sony A7R3 + Sigma 150-600/5,6-6,3 C 1200mm (with Sigma TC-2001) f/16 ISO100 1/40s, tracked with Skywatcher Adventure Mini

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