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USB-väderstation "Stick station" från Blue Astro

Postat: 2015-05-09 18:05:40
av Corpze
Ursäkta den engelska texten, skrev den för en review på SGL och eftersom (förmodar jag) de flesta här kan läsa engelska så får den vara i sitt ursprungsformat :)

Hi folks
I had the opportunity to try a new, compact, nifty little thing called Stickstation from a new Astro-gadget-producer named Blue Astro ( ) located in Sweden.
Blue Astro, specialized to astro-equipment, is funded by Per Frejvall (also present on this forum) as a subsidiary company to Blue Ice AB (IT, technology and ice-handeling in arctic operations)

It is, for short, a weather station in the size of a USB memory.
It is not a complete weather station that you may think of, but a smart little gadget that calculates and produces data to correct the atmospheric refraction.

IMG_2333.JPG (120.01 KiB) Visad 7917 gånger

IMG_2334.JPG (117.17 KiB) Visad 7917 gånger

I have been using this now for a while and must say that it is just as easy to use, as it is small. Just install the program, insert the Stickstation, and thats it. The program finds the right com-port in just a couple of seconds and starts logging data.
No more hazzle with searching the right com port, try to connect, unplug, insert again… you know the drill if you have a couple of USB gadgets to run.

The data the Stickstation record is pressure, temperature and humidity, from these values it also displays what temperature the dew-point is.
The graph can be shown in 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours intervalls

BlueAstro_StickStation.jpg (50.34 KiB) Visad 7917 gånger

The new version of stickstation has color coded graph labels, this makes it easier to read the graph.

The quality of the Stickstation is good, sits firmly in the port and it has a transparent case that allows you to see the electronics and status LED’s

IMG_2335.JPG (122.56 KiB) Visad 7917 gånger

So, what now - the data is pouring in from it, what to do with it?
The program produces several* text-files in various formats that allows you to setup CCD Autopilot, ACP or Sequence generator pro and let that correct for the atmospheric refraction, let’s face it, all of us doesn’t live in the Atacama dessert ;)
*To date, it produces a sql-database with 10 sec update interval, fully supported via Per Frejvalls ASCOM driver for 10Micron mounts. It can also generate boltwood files that CCD Auto pilot can handle.
Blue Astro is working on adding support for more software packages and other mounts as well.

The Stickstation works with Windows (i run it on Win7 64bit)

The stickstation is on the market for 109 USD, available via Edward Thomas through the site at in the US
The rest of us can buy this directly via for 87€ excl. VAT

​I would recommend this product for those who just want to log data when they are photographing, but if you have some of the above mentioned programs and want more inputs to help you further in your photography, this is one neat treat for a nice price!

/ Daniel Sundström, Sweden