Celestron RASA 11" f/2,2 OTA – price updated

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Celestron RASA 11" f/2,2 OTA – price updated

Inläggav vehnae » 2017-11-05 11:27:06


I'm selling a Celestron RASA 11" F/2.2 astrograph, with the following accessories:
+ Original T2 and M48 adapters (55mm back focus)
+ AstroZap dew shield – a must for placing a flat panel
+ Kendrick dew heater band
+ Starizona MicroTouch focuser motor and controller
+ 3D-printed cable guide for avoiding extra diffraction spikes

I have been very satisfied with the scope's optical performance, the speed is just unbelievable. But since we completed our observatory automation project this summer I need to move to a more remote-friendly setup.

Due to an unfortunate mishap with the corrector plate the scope had to visit Celestron's factory (08/2017), where it has been cleaned, regreased and collimated so the optics are in a pristine condition. Or better, since the scope has not been bounced around in retailers' warehouses :-). It has not been used since. There are small signs of use in the lower dovetail and a couple of minor dings in the tube paint (see pictures).

I've been using the scope for two seasons now so if you have concerns or questions I should have the answer for you. The first doubt everyone has "but the camera blocks so much of the aperture!!", which I consider a moot point – this is not a planetary instrument. The total obstruction is still much less than with many other high-end astrographs. To avoid extra diffraction spikes from the camera I used a 3D-printed aperture mask on top of my camera (QSI690). If you tell me your camera dimensions I can print one for you, too.

Pictures of the scope and accessories are available here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/60049625@N03/iT4r0Q and you can find plenty of images taken with this scope from my astrobin account: http://astrobin.com/users/vehnae/

The scope and the accessories retail for about 5300 € (@ TS), I'm asking for 3500 € (REDUCED: 3300 €) or a sensible offer.

The scope is located in Espoo, Finland about 10km from Helsinki. So it's only a boat ride away from Stockholm if you want to fetch it personally. Of course, shipping can also be arranged (I have the original packaging).

You can contact me here with a PM or by email at jari dot saukkonen at taika dot fi.

++ Jari


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