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Skywatcher HEQ8

Postat: 2012-07-20 10:45:16
av Morgan
Det börjar komma fram lite mer information om Skywatcher HEQ 8 som ska lanseras i mars 2013.

"Dual Encoder Design Withth epatent dual encoder design, you may move the telescope to any positon manually or electronically without deactivating the tracking mode first. After moving to a new object the telescope will automatically begin to track the new object accurately. No re-setup is required in one observing session.
It utilises 0.9 degree per step bipolar stepper motors to get high resolution. It uses stepper motors without without reduction gear to drive worm shaft directly so to remove the periodic error caused by reduction gear.

Computer Operation
Couple this solidly-built mount withthe included SynScan computer controller to utilise many of the same functions and feature as SkyWatcher's most advanced SynScan Mounts. It can also be controlled by SynScan Tour.

Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PEC) - corrects for periodic tracking errors inherent to all worm drives.

SkyWatcher EQ8
EQ Mount EQ8 High Precision EQ Mount
Tripod Pier Tripod
Power Supply 12v DC
Tripod / Pier Weight 31kg
EQ Head Weight 28.5kg
Counterweight 10kg
Hand Controller SynScan V3.?
Payload Capacity 50kg
R.A Worm Gear D= 219.5mm, 435 teeth, aluminium
Dec Worm Gear D= 219.5mm, 435 teeth, aluminium
R.A Axis D=55mm, Aluminium
Dec Axis D=55mm, Aluminium
Counterweight Shaft D=31.5mm
Latitude Adjustment 15° - 65°
Azimuth Adjustment Around +/- 10°
Polar Scope Optional External Polar Scope
Polar Alignment Software adjustment or using External Polar Scope
Dual Encoder Control Yes
Initial Position R.A and Dec. reset when powered on
R.A Limitation Mechanical Limitation
Motor High resolution 12v DC Stepper Motors
Tracking Accuracy 0.1164 Arc Seconds
Tracking Speed Sidereal rate, Solar Rate, Lunar Rate, "Pec + Sidereal"
Tracking Mode Dual or Single Axis Tracking
Tracking EQ Mode
Database 42,000 Objects
Outlook Black Anodised

Prislapp ligger på ca 35.000kr så det är ett stort steg från NEQ6 både på monter och pris.

Re: Skywatcher HEQ8

Postat: 2012-07-30 14:19:00
av olawelin
Låter lovande, hoppas man kan köpa monteringen utan stativet.
Dessvärre tror jag att priset kommer bli betydligt högre än $4995 (35000kr) i Sverige, detta är det rekommenderade priset i USA, jämför t.ex. CGE PRO som kostar $4490 (31500kr) i USA som går loss på 65000 kr i Sverige.
Priset i övriga Europa brukar väl hamna någonstans mellan dessa priser.